A - Z #3 / One - Collective

Typojanchi 2015 Pre-Biennale

Publishing & Editing
mediabus, Lim Kyung yong, Chris Ro

Graphic Design
Hyeok Shin & Donghyeok Shin

Yunim Kim

Midii, Seoul


Published in 2015.5

Typojanchi 2015 Newsletters regard the city as an archive of typography. A city is a residential community and a letter is a public communication method. These are both made and developed at almost the same time. The concept of typography as a culture of letters has the potential to achieve diversity and expansion in the city. It can become an effective medium which can approach a history of city and placeness. The participants are designers, critics, theorists, and architects who will discover letter archives that have deep layers ‘already’ in the city with their own perspectives and methodologies.

— 1st Issue: Order — Disorder
— 2nd Issue: Past — Present
— 3rd Issue: One — Collective
— 4th Issue: Static — Moving
— 5th Issue: Typojanchi 2015