Client: GRAPHIC (Korea)
Type: Project editor
Date: May, 2009
Design: Na Kim

This is the stories about people who make it happen as an individual or small group in full process from the contents to the distribution on the opposite side of economic efficient publishing system. May 2009.

For this issue, GRAPHIC will deal with ‘self- publishing’ . It is about people who manage the whole process of publishing by themselves or oneself, from contents to distribution, in the opposite side of efficient system of divided labor . Also this is an issue about the publications themselves.
We introduce 90 different kinds of self-publications here. There are 40 publications from Europe and the US, and we included comments by publishers and authors. We placed in recent publications in Korea as well which have diverse forms and outlines along with the authors’ comments. In terms of distribution as a pending question, we deal with the information of bookshops where those publications intensively flow in.
In summary, this GRAPHIC issue will record the creators and publishers’ voices and opinions on self-publishing process. Their answers for a few given questions on context around self-publishing vividly describe their unique motivations and processes in each diverse circumstance.
We would like to thank all those people who respond ed to written interviews : Graphic designers, publishers, artists and editors. We would also like to thank those bookshop owners who recommended many books of intrigue to us. It was significant months allowing us to come into contact with astonishing books and creators’ stories. We hope this to be an affirmative inspiration to self-publishing communities in Korea which is about to bloom. — Editor