Artist’s Zine by Nigel Peake

Publication date: June, 2009
18 x 24 cm, Offset printing, saddle stapler
Edition of 200
Out of Print

나이젤 피크는 해안으로부터 몇 마일 떨어진 조용한 동네에서 작업을 해왔다. 에딘버러 대학에서 건축을 전공, 앤트워프, LA, 뉴욕, 포틀랜드, 상하이 등지에서 몇 차례 전시를 가졌다. 미디어버스에서 새로이 출간된 나이젤 피크의 아티스트 진은 사진과 드로잉을 한데 엮은 책으로, 세계 곳곳을 누비며 기록한 여행의 흔적을 볼 수 있다.

Nigel Peake works from an attic on a quiet road a few miles from the coast. Past the clutter of out turned pockets and spirals of paper on his desk is a small window with a view onto a row of trees full in bloom. 
Peake achieved a RIBA silver award commendation while an architecture student at the University of Edinburgh. His art has recently been exhibited in Antwerp, Los Angeles, New York, Portland and Shanghai and his drawings used in a variety of projects.
The work collected here is photos and drawings from excursions to some of the corners of the world. Further work can be seen at